Error Codes

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Response Codes

1Invalid Username or Password
2Invalid IP request
3Account has expired
4Account is disabled
5Account maximum throttling rate is exceeded
6Account does not have sufficient credit balance
7Prepaid Account has expired
10Could not route message
11Invalid recipient address
12Invalid originating address
13Invalid alphanumeric originating address
14Could not route message due to account limitations
15Subscriber has blocked this service
16Destination Address Duplicated
17Destination Address list exceeded maximum
18API token generation failed
19Spam Control threshold exceeded
21Invalid messageId
301No valid WhatsApp session found
22Invalid code
88General Failure
99System error. Please contact us if problem persist

Reason Codes

0Not Applicable
1Base Station Unknown
2MSC Unknown
3Format Error
4Other Error
5Subscriber Unknown
6Subscriber Barred
7Subscriber Not Provisioned
8Subscriber Absent
9SMSC Failure
10SMSC Congestion
11SMSC Roaming
12Handset Error
13Handset Memory Exceeded
201Invalid WhatsApp Template

Manage WhatsApp Template Response Codes

0Access token expired/revoked
1Failed due to a temporary issue
2Temporary issue due to downtime
3Capability or permissions issue
4Temporary issue due to throttling
10Permission is either not granted or has been removed
100The parameter may not be available or may be spelled incorrectly
190Access token is expired
368Temporary blocked due to policy violations
506Duplicate posts cannot be published consecutively
80007Platform rate limit reached
131001Message length exceeds 4096 characters
131006File or resource not found
131008Missing a required parameter
131009Invalid parameter value
131021Unable to send message to this phone number
131031Account has been locked from sending any messages due to an integrity policy violation
131051Unsupported message type
131055Invalid HTTP method
132000Number of parameters provided does not match the expected number of parameters
132001Template does not exist in the specified language or the template has not been approved
132005Translated text is too long
132007Format character policy violated
132012Parameter format does not match format in the created template
133000A previous delete operation failed. A delete retry is needed before registering again